Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boys and their toys

My dad just got a great new toy, which we will affectionately call "Rubi". I love the last photo because it totally captures that "I finally got my favorite toy" expression! :-) Dad has been waiting for a Jeep (not just any Jeep, mind you, but a Jeep RUBICON) since he sold his prehistoric, very loud, very rough, very mustard colored Land Cruiser, to become our dad and buy a more practical, boring "family vehicle". All I have to say, is "IT'S ABOUT TIME"!!!


Shannon Z said...

I have to say, as I was looking at the pics from the top one down, I NEVER imagined it would end up being your Dad in the final picture! I remember him driving the dirt color Volvo when you lived here. And wasn't he always out in the driveway fixing it??

McBean said...

Indeed! He's a Volvo driving Jeep kinda' guy. ;-)