Friday, April 12, 2019

The training continues

As previously mentioned, Madigan, Declan and I are training for a hike in Colorado that we are planning for early June. On most days, Gumbum, Kelton and Lochlan also accompany us on our strolls and we've seen so many beautiful places. It is utterly inspirational to see how this place has infused life and stamina into my mom. She can tackle hikes now that did not seem possible 6 months ago, and each hike she pushes herself a little farther, past the aches and pains into further success and accomplishment. 

As we've been tackling different hikes, I have been drawn back to a book I have that outlines the hikes throughout Arizona, and my goal is to tackle as many of these as possible, as each one seems to offer it's own unique wonder to be found. 

On days when fatigue clouds my perspective, I sometimes find it less obvious to treasure the smiles, the joy of throwing rocks into the water, the breathless excitement of splashing into the ice cold creeks, the exuberant pride of a boy with his (very own - oh so loved!) dog, the devoted attention and painstaking care that my own beloved dog gives to me. 

Looks like a baptism in progress - it wasn't. :-) 

Humans, look at the camera, please. Aussies, butts please. 

Extraordinary littlest men.

Mt. Elden here we come... 

... but not without you, faithful friend.

Paugie, the strong. Paugie, the gentle. 

And then, the Creation again takes our breath away, in every way possible. Worth it! 

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