Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is it true? Is it true? Is it true?

As I sipped my morning coffee, Paugie tapped my arm and said, "Mama, is it true? Is it true? Is it true?" "Is what true, my dear boy?" "Is it true that you are the queen?" I'm not sure where you gleaned that information, but... let's just say yes. For today. :-)


We've been battling the flu for weeks, and I started to feel pretty hopeless at the beginning of this week as yet another day was passed in complete worthlessness for the majority of us. We've suffered in a fair degree of luxury, however, resting in hammocks in the shade on sunny days. Madigan even mastered the art of barfing over the side of the hammock, with relative ease and none of that unnecessary rush to the bathroom.

I lay very still on the couch, feeling strong enough to close my eyes and do absolutely nothing. Within minutes, I was surrounded by a pile of boys, all laying closely next to me. One was above my head stroking my hair, one behind me sandwiched between me and the back of the couch, one on top of me and one curled up at my feet. They stayed in their respective places for over 30 minutes and I felt so incredibly rich. These tender hearts are so full of love which they give freely in each of their unique ways and in every place in which they find themselves.

Lest you be concerned that this household is one reflective of peace and harmony alone, be assured we have an abundant share of squabbles in the ranks (usually followed up with some quality solo time for each squabble participant) and Mama meltdowns. As each day passes us by, our weeks are filled with all that is life, both ugly and beautiful. In this flu-filled week we finally received a clean bill of health for the beloved Scottish Terrier who manages this family, after an almost 13 week battle with pneumonia. Wahoo! In the same week, we managed to kill Mama's computer with a prodigious helping of hot tea (thank you Shmelty Caleb).

We have nearly beaten this beast that has ailed us and today is another sunny day. So, here's to more hammock happiness and the running of little feet that finally have the energy to carry on the famed dump truck races.

Pics from this week: 

Happy Girl

Paws up! Pneumonia free! 

Flu therapy

Basking in sunshine and the wonder of baby chicks

 was able to talk the redhead into a nap

Valiant and "her babies".

Beauty surrounds us - love the springtime flowers

Kelty got his first boo boo requiring a bandage. "Broken" toe (skinned the tip of it). 

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