Saturday, April 16, 2016


Ultimate problem solver. Leader of the band of bros. Determined.

You are a creative problem solver, offering solutions to any obstacles you encounter, be they imposed by your surroundings, your parents, your brothers or by mishaps of the universe. You are eager to roll up your sleeves, work hard, and to bring about great change to things that need it (like this old Fixer Upper house we call home). You gallop through your day, inspiring the rest of us, as we feel the wind of you passing by us. You care for your brothers with fierce loyalty and love. Today I saw you tear down a hill on your sled, with no regard to danger, showing the world that you are ready to take on the challenges it dares to throw your way. A minute later, you picked up one of your new baby chicks, holding it tenderly and speaking softly to it. How can one person be so much?! You truly are my Bundle. 

Perceptive. Kind. Gentle Paugie. 

As you sprayed me with the hose you were supposed to have turned off many moments before, your horror was so perfectly blended with your complete delight. You passionately love your Mama, Daddy and brothers. You ferociously defend yourself and others against (usually correctly) perceived injustice. You build intricate train tracks for your trains and creative machines out of legos. You are always available to snuggle and give a hearty hug. You are completely beloved to me. 

Scientist. Thinker. Loves prodigiously. 

I looked into your bleary eyes, and you reached for me, imploring me to hold you tightly and kiss your sickness away. Within minutes of rocking you in the hammock, you were fast asleep. An hour later, your eyes opened and were bright and full of joy. When you realized I was still holding you, you laid your curly head on my chest and held my hand tightly in yours. Please let me pause and keep these moments through the expanse of time that will inevitably separate us, even just in seasons. You are ever experimenting, testing the bounds of nature (gravity, mostly) and exploring the possibilities to decipher what is acceptable and unacceptable (to the parental figures). You, I treasure. 

Inquisitive. Expressive. Unstoppable. 

I stripped you of your ringing wet clothing (thank you big bros) and wrapped you up in your blue blanket, and you smiled at me and exclaimed "Whhhhheaaayahhh!", which I think means, "I love this!" Watching you mimic your brothers, drive your dumptruck around at full gallop (sometimes to the detriment of your body), test the lines that have been drawn for you to thrive within, and throw yourself at every possibility with boundless enthusiasm, I am speechless - in awe and delightful wonder. 

Photo credit to Gwenn McCaleb

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