Sunday, May 01, 2016

It's not your story.

Paugie was being reprimanded for an ill choice and Madigan asked me what the full repercussions of Paugie's poor decision might be. I said, "Madigan, it's not your story. It's Paugie's story and the repercussions will be his, not yours." 

As we painted another part of this dear old house, Madigan unexpectedly remarked: 
"Mama, every person has a story." 
"That's true" 
"But, Mama, I think that every person has a song, too." 
"What do you mean?" 
"Well, they each sound different and play out their song differently... " 
"Right, you mean like everyone's song has a different tune, and theme and volume?" 
"Yeah, like that." 
"Do you think God is the writer of their song?" 
"I think so, but I'm writing it too. Like, we're writing it together."
"That makes sense. And you live your life alongside others like Paugie and the rest of your brothers, and He's writing their songs too. So, when you're working alongside your brothers your songs can play in harmony." 
"What's harmony?" 
"Well, the easiest way to describe it is notes that sound better when they're played together." 
"When Paugie and I argue, we don't sound good together." 
"Right. In music that would be dissonance." 

You are such a thinker my Tiger. Remember, God writes your song, but he adjusts it according to who you are. It's your song and He's writing with you and because of you. I love your song! 

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Gary said...

Read this to your mom here in Prague and she starts weeping in pure joy and astonishment....