Tuesday, May 17, 2016


You sleep and I am utterly mesmerized. 
I want for you all that life in this broken world does not promise.
Your heart is so full of hope and abundant joy. 
You never hesitate to question that which you do not approve. 
If I could pave the road for you, remove the speed bumps, 
equip you to foresee every danger before you're upon it, 
guard you from every harm, I would. 
If I could open every good thing to you, give you joy everlasting,
make the days for you be sunshine, and fill your life with love, only, I would.

Always run {the race set before you} and when you are too tired to run, 
keep moving forward, even if you must resort to a crawl. 
Rely on those He gives to you {including your brothers}.
You are my tiny human and I'm completely in love with you.

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