Monday, October 06, 2014

Shipbound for Norfolk

We're headed to Norfolk this afternoon. We exchanged our house for a ship and when I awoke this morning the Captain (Madigan) informed me that we were en route to Virginia where we are scheduled to deliver the shipping containers we have on board. I have been designated as the ship's first mate, so if you have any concerns, please address them to me and I will ensure that the Captain is informed. 

Just left the galley where we ate a hearty lunch, and then walked to the ship's deck to check the horizon (not sure what we were looking for, but we did see dolphins and waves). We checked the ropes while we were out there to make sure we're all ready to tie off once we arrive in the harbor tomorrow (looks like another night on board tonight). The Captain checked the engine room (which used to be the front of our house - amazing transformation) to make sure everything was running smoothly - Check. The passengers are a bunch of whiners, and we're having some trouble keeping them all content and satisfied, but we're doing our best. Seasickness might be starting to settle in; here's to smooth sailing. We'll keep you abridged of our progress.

And in other news... 
In Paugieland everything is purple, or should be. That (red) stop sign? It's actually purple. The (only) cup/plate to use during mealtime? The purple one. The color of the fall leaves on the trees? Yep, you're right: purple. Devany might be the only purple horse in the world; told you she was a gem! Paugie has been my primary helper in training Devany (including some recent lessons on trailering).

Jevy has become renowned for his general "limberocity". It's positively intimidating! When he's listening to a story or watching a movie, he can most often be found upside-down, or sitting on the floor with his legs curled (in front of him) all the way up around the back of his head. It doesn't look humanly possible, but I can assure you that it is not only possible, but preferable. And if you can suck on your toes, why wouldn't you?

The boys and I have been hiking a few times a week, and I have been astounded at how far these little legs are willing to go (happily). Jevy has walked 3/4 mile and the big boys have walked up to 1.5 miles. I think that's pretty impressive! The last couple of times we've gone out, we've seen up close: deer (including a late-season spotted fawn), a beaver, turtles, ducks and a great horned owl.

Shmelty Caleb? Charming as ever! He isn't (technically) crawling yet, but that doesn't mean he can't get places. If I lay him in the middle of the living room, within 5 minutes he has usually worked his way to the kitchen and he has done it all backwards! He scoots backwards on his tummy until he arrives where he needs to go (or possibly not where he intended, but somewhere, indeed). He is a vivacious person and his eyes never stop smiling, even when he's fussing. Best baby ever!!!

This is what greets me every morning.

While Kelto was sleeping this afternoon, we did a little photo shoot. Paugie kind of dominated because he had his charm turned on... it's a little bit ridiculous!


teona said...

Eryn, I am in love with each and everyone of your little men!!!!😊

kcdawn said...

I miss all of this so much- the morning schmelto pic makes me very jealous!