Friday, October 10, 2014

Number three is two.

The pouring rain has done nothing to dampen our excitement about this day; we are celebrating two years since the arrival of Happytown into our lives. This beloved critter is such a complex combination of sheer joy, deep (and often quiet) reflection, bursts of hearty laughter, toddler yammering, elastic ligaments, and tummy patting. He loves (his mama) fiercely, wrapping his chubby paws around my neck and throwing himself against me, begging me to wrestle him to the floor in a furry of kisses. He paces around the kitchen in the evening, waiting for Daddy to come in (from work) and chase him around the house; his face breaks into a huge smile when he sees Daddy and he takes off running, taunting Daddy to "catch me if you can". He likes things quiet - gives a man time to think. He loves his brothers, and he laughs as they body tackle one another around the house (living with boys - it's a whole different world from the one I grew up in!). He does not like to have his will thwarted (hello human nature) and when a toy is hastily stolen, he doth protest! He loves his (goat) milk (man's best friend), his stuffed horse, his fluffy purple blanket and his cheerios. He is my thinker and he reminds me every day why it is important to pause, be still and watch what is happening around me. His quiet, gentle nature is full of so many wonderful surprises, but I have to look up and see, wait and listen or I will miss the incredible moments entirely. 

He has always been soft and cuddly. 

So much love awaiting him when we came home from the hospital.

The little brother. 


Loving some kisses. 

The doting big brother - always. 

I can "bear"ly stand how cute you are. 
Kitchen staff extraordinaire! 

Daddy loves this boy! 

Too much yummy in that pot of water! 

My outdoor boy, savoring the raindrops starting to fall...

       What are you thinking about, Mr. Contemplative? 

Gosh, I love him. 

He looks so much like his Grandpa Murie here; makes me smile.

Mom, the rain's comin'! 

Happy Boy! 

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