Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grapes and sour cream

As we neared bedtime, Madigan sat next to me and stated: "Mommy, the clocks in our house have gone crazy." "What do you mean, little man?" "The clocks have gone crazy, and now the adults are telling us it's bedtime." Obviously, insanity is responsible for all slumber (in a Tiger's world). 
When our hike turned out to be slightly shorter than anticipated, Madigan confirmed: "Mommy, our hike was supposed to be 7 degrees, but we only went 5 degrees." Clearly, we fell short. 
"Mommy, I'm going to give you all of my love for Christmas." I'll take it, my dear boy. 
"Mommy, I would like you to come here and spend this time with me." I'm all yours. 

It is 10:30pm and my beloved Jevy is curled up in the chair with me; he's contributing to this blog entry, using his toes. And now they're in his mouth. And now they're behind his head. And now he's upside-down. And now he's making this snuggle a full body experience - he's draped across me with his head buried into my neck. Time to pause and get some quality (Jevy)bug time. I'm back. He has snatched my phone and is saying, "Huwo! I wu you!" (Hello, I love you!). Every night this happy little introvert gets his quality time with Mommy and Daddy after those bros are in their beds - it's his nightly walk-about. A hearty chuckle here, snuggle there, snack on the run and possibly a little quiet book time in the corner of the room and the boy is finally ready for bed. 

"Paugie, what would you like for breakfast?" "Grapes with sour cream!" Yum? 
Translation: Crepes with whipping cream. 
"Mommy, look, a chai!" I'm entirely to blame. 
Translation: "Mommy, look, it's Starbucks!" 
"Mommy, the baby Cray-Cray is not Cray-Cray." 
Translation: "Mommy, what is the name of that small dog?" 
"Mommy, look, it's a purple light! Stop!" 
Translation: "Mommy, it's a red light! Stop!" 
"Paugie, I love you." "Mommy, why not?" 
Translation: "Paugie, I love you." "Mommy, why?" (Because you're unbelievably impossible not to love with all my heart.) 
"Please kiss it. It's broken"
Translation:  "I hurt myself (somehow) and only Mommy's kiss can make it better." 
"Mommy, let's snuggle. I need to love you."
No translation needed. 

My Kelto Shmelto, you live to (Sh)melt the hearts of everyone you meet. Your happy dance in the crib is one of best reasons to face the day. Your smile is as reliable as dawn is to each morning. How can one person complain so little and be content with all of life? The joy you bring into my life is incomprehensible - truly. Watching you practice moving forward like a clever little inch worm is such a delight. I see a power crawl very near in your future. Your fluffy thighs have rendered you the additional names: "Chunkerton" and "Thightastic". You're a hunk of everything that is wonderful. 

Four little men: I am blessed to be your mom, and that honor is something I treasure in the deepest part of my heart. 

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teona said...

Sweetheart, you make me cry.....
the words you write are so beautiful!
I love you! No translation needed. :-)