Saturday, October 04, 2014

Dad blasted

I wish the days with these Mr. Awesome(s) weren't fleeting by so quickly. Can I please count them a little slower, savor them longer, review them to make sure I haven't missed any (incredible) details? Today - another to treasure closely - I really want to remember. The details, I mean. The meander through the corn maze (which was electric from the excitement in the ranks), the delighted toddling of the toddler, and curious eyes peaking out from underneath the tiny hat, watching the big bros every move with utter fascination... all of it. The smell of Autumn is upon us (again) and the cool air has brought with it a heap of energy (as if we had a deficit) and more is observed (and understood) than in previous years (to watch maturity unfold is kind of magical). The trees exchanging their green for red/gold/yellow/brown, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, the increase in Mommy's chai craving (it's always worse when the weather is suggestive that summer is finally past), the hyper (and, hence, often unruly) Scottish Terrier, and the beckoning of the crisp air to come outdoors - my Tiger sees everything this year. Sharing these "unspoken" delights with him shows me how I will survive (and enjoy!) watching them grow into the men they will become and out of the babies I wish they would stay.

And speaking of 4 year olds - his latest experiment is to use "dad blasted" in appropriate context as frequently as possible throughout the day, with dramatic inflection included. I might be to blame for that particular vocabulary addition. Argh. 


Follow that (handsome) critter... 

Mr. Awesome, Season IV

Aren't they a"maze"ing?!!! 

"This is your mission, should you choose to accept."

"Don't be jealous, just because I have awesome shoes."

Farm boy, loving every minute! 

(self) Posing already? We're in trouble!

Real corn! Found in a (corn) maze!

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