Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More goodness from the peanut gallery

"Madigan, do you want to make some cookies?" "Yes, Mommy, but can we make them for everybody?" That little servant-heart... brings so much joy!
"Paugie, you are comical!" Where did 'comical' enter our 3-year-old- vocabulary collection? Not sure, but he used it correctly and knew what it meant. Tigers rock!
Madigan's explanation  as to why there was a pancake resting on his pillow at bedtime: "'Sweet Helper' [I do refer to him as such, when he's being a particularly helpful man around the house] is stuffed, but he's taking a pancake to bed in case he gets hungry later." A simple narrative of events in a man's life.
"Mommy, here's your hair tie! You left it on your last visit." When I was in town last.
"I will watch one Curious George before the day's end." Who am I to argue? 
"Baby Wochwan, I wish you knew how much I wuv you." The statement alone would have been sufficient, but stroking baby brother's head simultaneously really did it for me.

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Unknown said...

Krista read this to me the evening we spent in Glasgow. Ah, what a wonderful character is this Bundle of ours. He makes us all better for having known him...and all this through your perceptive words and observations. Thank you, Sweetheart. Mom