Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Life can be savory. There are sweet moments that contribute to the overall flavor, but when I sit down and add up all the flavors of the day, I think it comes down to savory. There's a little spice from someone's new idea, bite (tart) from someone's bad attitude, sweetness from a tender moment, and so many other flavors in between.

The handsome people in this household have been in full roar and I frequently feel like I'm just along for the ride (and yes, to change that random diaper or two ten). We've been filling our springtime days with hikes in the woods, visits to the zoo, garden planting, chai tea, picnics on the porch, raincoats on rainy days, spring cleaning (so much more efficient with all the helpers around here), painting the house, grooming the horses and the occasional fits of despair (wailing and gnashing of teeth for the unfair treatment that accompanies a household where we are none of us the center of the world - Argh). Madigan is currently cantering around the house (left lead) totally in the nude. Declan is trying to figure out how to fit a square block into a circular cup (it can be done using the right size of cup, you know). Lochlan is catching up on his beauty sleep so that he can continue charming us into oblivion upon his awakening.

Photography by Gwenn McCaleb (AKA Gumbum)

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Lisa said...

Oh. My. Goodness!

Such precious, growing boys! I cannot get over how much they are growing and becoming little men. Great photos!