Friday, April 05, 2013

So much still to learn

Sitting here on the couch listening to all my boys chatting/whining/pining for just a few more moments of wakefulness. They're all in bed and all awake. I should be frustrated, yes, but I find there is some small comfort I feel in hearing their little voices, even at this hour.

These little people have changed my life in so many ways - in their own ways. Madigan has shown me that there is SO INCREDIBLY MUCH MORE to life than I ever thought possible. Each day throws us new opportunities, gives us endless adventure just waiting to be had if we have the energy/drive to have it. Secondly, he has this ability to be utterly transparent, and it is so incredibly appealing. Declan continues to teach me how important it is to stop and spend time loving the ones you love. He has shown me that doing so changes lives. Secondly, he reminds me (daily) how easily I can build someone up, or tear them down. I am learning each day to be more careful how I react to the insanity that often seems to prevail in this household and always hold these tender hearts carefully, even in my frustration. Lochlan is the definition of joy. I thought I understood the meaning of contentment, until I met him. He has shown me that there is joy to be found even in the smallest things ("Mommy, you heard my wailing - that makes me so happy!"). Secondly, he has shown me how much we need one another. His desire to be with me (or anyone available and willing) is innate. He comes close to demanding it, but it is something he deeply appreciates.

And... the latest from the peanut gallery:
 Madigan walked out of his room with a box packed with a pair of pants, 1 shirt, socks, Hun-Hun and some toys. He boldly stated: "Bye-bye Mommy. I'm flying to Austin to see Ankie Tae (Krista)." He was headed out until I reasoned with him that the weather might not be the best for flying today.

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Gwendolyn1946 said...

Ah Cutie, how I love your's such a revelation how much one changes with the advent of children...never never to return to who you once thought of as you. How grateful I am that you have chosen to learn from these little tykes rather than become exasperated by them. Again I say, YOU are an incredible mother and I am ever so proud to be your mom. Love you.