Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gumbum came to visit!

Too much time away from the little men is just not healthy, so Gumbum decided to change her visiting schedule to shorter, more frequent visits. It has been wonderful for us to see her more often and one of the things we try to do when she comes is go see something we've not seen before, or that we've seen before and loved. This time we spent a day exploring the Natchez Trace Pkwy which was such a delight! In other Gumbum news... As we were driving along the Highway, a few weeks ago, Madigan yelled out, "Gumbum! Mommy, it's Gumbum!" I looked up to see a rotating billboard with an image of Diane Keaton on it. Hilarious to be sure, but even funnier because for 20 years countless people have commented on how much Mom resembles DK. I've never thought she looked like her as much as acted like her (watch DK's mannerisms, and you will totally understand), but apparently she looks like her too.

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