Friday, May 03, 2013

Tiger Tales continued...

Daddy was waiting in the car with the boys when Madigan said, "It's 5 o'clock." Daddy looked all around to see where Madigan might have seen that it was indeed that time, and he spotted a hand-dial clock on the wall of the shop next door. The hands clearly said 5 o'clock and Madigan was super excited when daddy acknowledged how proud he was that his boy had been so observant. Neither of us had taught him how to tell time yet, but he had seen an episode of Curious George where the Man with the Yellow Hat teaches George how to tell time. So, thank you CG for helping our little man be even more brilliant (if that's possible)!

"Baby Ruby is a boy, Mommy", I was emphatically informed when baby cousin, Uncle Jack and Auntie Kristin arrived for a visit from Austin. Upon discussing basic biology with him, he modified his original statement of fact to: "Well, it looks like a girl, but it's a boy".  

"Mommy, please kiss it." I love it when the boys come to me with their ouchies, asking me to "fix it" with a simple kiss. Alas, sometimes, the task is less than glamorous. Today, for example, I've been asked to kiss a very dirty toe (on biggest boy), a tongue, another very dirty toe (on medium sized boy), and a toosh.

"Madigan, please put some shoes on so that you don't get splinters in your feet." When he came back outside sporting a pair of Daddy's shoes, I looked at him questioningly. "They're my new flip flops" he stated, while simultaneously demonstrating their flip/flop action on his hoof while he walked. He decided that his own shoes might be a more suitable option when daddy's "flipped" off his foot, while he careened around the porch pushing his dump truck.

"Madigan, please come here." "Mommy, I can't because my legs aren't being obedient." This kid's got some good stuff...

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