Friday, May 10, 2013


It's THE number this week. "Why?" you ask. Because it is.

Quotes from the Peanut Gallery:
"Mommy, I can't sleep for 3000 days!" (Stated with tone of total desperation, when I reminded him that it was nap time after our almost 3 mile hike.) My bad.
"We're only going to hike 3000 miles" he told Auntie Susan, to reassure her that this hike wasn't going to be too long for her.
"Paugie, Daddy left for work, but he'll be back in 3000 days." So, no worries.
Mommy: "Come on boys, let's go see Devany.". Madigan: "No, Mommy, we can't because it will take 3000 minutes to get there and I'm tired." My truck gets better gas mileage than I thought.
Mommy: "Okay, last piece of chocolate." Madigan: "Mommy, I will get 3000 more and then it will be the last piece." We're buying stock in chocolate.

Clearly 3000 is the number for anyone cool enough to understand...


Gwendolyn1946 said...

Oh my goodness! What on earth would I do without your moment to moment running commentary of this cool cool guy?

kmac said...

Seriously. I live how you appreciate his humor and draw it out. Such a treasure!