Monday, February 04, 2013


Well, it's the time of the year that (this) mother dreads - when I am reminded that time is marching past far too quickly and each day is all too happily yielding to the next. More emphatically, however, it is that day when we celebrate the life of the Tiger who came pouncing in 3 years ago and made us his biggest fans. He's got a lot of roar, a little bite, and the spirit of a giant. Like any Tiger, you're much better off stepping back to observe him and see what he will astound you with, than to try to tame him.

One thing I love about Madigan, though, is that he is also a "Bundle". A Bundle of love, compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, adoration (for his brothers), generosity and creativity. He is the one who climbs into my lap, grabs a blanket to put over both of us and snuggles tightly up against me, waiting for me to read story after story out of his favorite books.

Though I have never found any other season of life to be more challenging, I have also never found life to be so full of delight. Every day I catch myself staring at the little people who surround me, wondering how it is possible that they can teach me so much - about themselves, about people (human nature), about God, about myself, about what we do with what we're given.

Three years and three little men. Someone asked me, "Did you ever worry that you might not be able to love them all enough?" I totally worried about that. What I didn't realize is that you love each one of them with your whole heart. It's that simple. 

Lochlan the Lion - 3 months old

Declan, the Brown Bear - 3 months old

Madigan, the Tiger - 3 months old

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