Saturday, February 02, 2013

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

I handed Madigan a cup of tea yesterday and his response? "Oh thank you, Honey. That was so nice of you." I think I choked on my tea after that.

As I was dressing Declan, Madigan looked over and said, "Honey, whatcha doin' to my Paugie Boy?" Where does this kid get this stuff?!

He was "helping" me get a tree picture painted on the wall in his bedroom, yesterday. Today, while he was busy keeping Daddy entertained, I added the tree trunk and branches to the picture, unbeknownst to him. When he went into his room, he did a double take and then shouted: "Oh, you painted it again! Oh mommy that is a fun tree! Mommy, that is a REALLLLLLLY fun tree!" Mission accomplished.

And amidst the bedtime blues, one can often hear a general theme being rehearsed.... "I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a cookie!" Of course you do... sugar before bed is a sure fix for insomnia. 

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kmac said...

melt my heart.