Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our definition of normal

"Madigan, please don't put the chicken in your hair."
"Pauge, let's not play in the toilet water because that's what Sabina drinks." (What???)
"Here, Pauge, get your waffle off the floor before Sabina gets it. I'm sure it's cooled off enough now."
"Madigan, potty right here by the truck."
"Madigan, please don't knock over Paugie when you run by. He's getting tired of it."
"You can run, but you can't hide!" (OK, Mommy, feel free to traumatize the poor darlings.)
"Madigan, Valiant, let's go outside and go potty." (Poor Daddy, he gets so confused.)
"Daddy, I'm cold. I need you to roll the window down. I'm so freezing cold."
"Madigan, do you need to potty?" "No, it's gone."
George: "Babe, why is the cheese sitting in the sink with the cheese grater?" Thank you Paugie for helping keep this place tidied up. Many helpful hands make life merrier (and interesting).
Oh, and tigers sound different than dogs when they're lying on the floor lapping up water from the water bowl (the one in the kitchen, just to clarify). Now you know. 

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Lisa said...

LOL! I am literally laughing out loud. Makes me miss you guys so much.