Monday, February 11, 2013

Kefir Bear

Before Christmas, we found out that Madison has bladder cancer. Obviously the prognosis of cancer is NEVER good, and in the case of a 9 year old dog, our hopes were dashed. However, we decided to see if we could "buy her more time" in a less conventional way (i.e no chemotherapy, etc.) and put her on a daily dose of milk kefir. Within 2 days, there was a noticeable difference... our bouncy bear was back!

She's got pep back in her step! And the crazy part is that on days when she hasn't gotten her kefir, we can tell. Not sure why or how it works, but we've got one little bear that would do a little dance just to prove that it does!

Here's to our "Kefir Bear"!

PS We make our own kefir by adding 1 quart plain kefir to 1 gallon raw organic milk. Let it sit out, lightly covered, for 3 days in room temperature. For the next batch, use 1 quart of what you have left from first batch. It is important to make sure you store the kefir in glass, with no metal contact.

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