Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Start of 2013

A few noteworthy items to mention from these past few days... 
  • Made pumpkin muffins - yummy! 
  • Tiger nearly lost a finger in a duel with the bookshelf. Finger still intact minus a nail. THAT we can handle. 
  • Brined a turkey breast - takes planning ahead, which I'm not good at, but makes for a really tasty dinner. 
  • Crazy white dog started sleeping in the boy's room, much to my delight. I always fret about "intruders" in our house, and there is something so comforting about having our very own personal polar bear watching over the little men. 
  • Baby Lochlan, the Lion, has a ferocious smile and uses it to his advantage far too often. He even laughed out loud last night at Mommy! He's pretty much irresistible... just sayin'.
  • Made our first batch of maple syrup for the year from our very own maple tree in the yard! Yippee! Lookout waffles, here we come!
  • Undecorated the Christmas tree, and moved Christmas into the boy's room! Now their room is lit up with colored Christmas lights. AWESOME. 
  • Planted tulips in the front flower bed, just because I can. :-)
And baby steps for McGary Boy 1, 2 and 3:
  1. "The Man" is so grown up! He is not yet three years old, but he takes his big brother role VERY SERIOUSLY! He frets over Pauge more than any parent would (or should), freaking out if he thinks we are falling short on our responsibilities to his younger brother. His cooking skills are the envy of many... we mailed several packages of his famous chocolate chip cookies to friends/family today. He still has a driving determination to be a helper, in any/all ways possible and it is my constant challenge to "channel that energy" and make sure his many skills are well utilized/appreciated.
  2. Pauge is a big helper these days, unloading the dishwasher, putting away the silverware, counting garbonzo beans and putting them into a muffin tin (oh yeah, jealous, aren't you?) and wiping up the water he spills right after her intentionally spills it. He is a little lover and frequently walks over, lays his head against me and puts his thumb in his mouth (his gesture of contentment). He could cuddle all day long, so when he seems like he needs some love, I try to stop what I'm doing, sit down on the floor with him and just hold him. It's the best therapy ever!
  3. Our little Lion has been sleeping through the night for 1 whole month now! I know, he's a genius. He has THE GREATEST sense of humor and if he's awake, you're sure to catch that grin that lights up his whole face. He has a raspy little deep voice and loves to "coo". I'm in love! He's trying to catch up with his brothers, so topped the 95th percentile in growth/weight this week.
And we're just gettin' this year started! 

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