Friday, January 18, 2013

Crazy like a white dog

A famous phrase in this household. Whenever anything is "crazy", it's either "crazy like a white dog" (the good kinda' crazy) or "NOT like a white dog" (the bad kinda' crazy). This all means something to those of you who have met the great white dog in our lives; and to those of you who haven't... well, you'll just have to meet her to see what we're talking about! She's a whole lot of wonderful with a little bit of crazy (in a good way, of course) mixed in. She's our shepherd dog who takes her charges (Lions, Tigers and Bears) very seriously, but she has a goofy side which sometimes erupts when she gets excited or disciplined. :-) She has a obsession with chicken and if she smells it, her manners go by the wayside.

She is barn-dog-turned-house-dog and has made the transition brilliantly. Sometimes when she does things that are just not kosher for a civilized household, I just look at George and say, "Two words: Barn Dog". This dog is such a blessing in our lives and I know I sleep better at night knowing that she is watching over my little pack of boys. Here's to you, Sabina!

Barn Duty

Dog and her boy (man)

I love my white dog.

"Mom, don't take a picture. It's embarrassing"

Bundle stealing cookies with a little help.

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Gary said...

You KNOW you have a good dog when they werve as a stepstool without blinking an eye!