Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hurricanes and Mary Poppins

Hurricane scene 1
In this household, we have differing ideas about organization and cleanliness. The little men prefer more of the hurricane look. In order to preserve my general sanity, I decided we would have to compromise. We have 2 "pick up points" throughout the day: right before naptime and right before bedtime. They are welcome to spread their toys far and wide whilst they are awake, as long as they are willing to return the toys to their designated abodes at the appropriate time. Sometimes, I wish Mary Poppins lived with us, because to be able to clean up with the snap of my fingers would be delightful.

Hurricane scene 2

Where in the world is Lochlan?

Bear adapting to the Hurricane

Mary Poppins comes to visit, scene 1

Mary Poppins comes to visit, scene 2

Mary Poppins comes to visit, scene 3
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Gary said...

awesome!! Well done, indeed, dear one.

Lisa said...

All Loch needs is a Waldo striped outfit for these situations. ;)