Thursday, January 17, 2013

It takes three to juggle (well)

I realized today that our (daddy + mommy) life together is something like a juggling act... it is an act still in progress, very much imperfect, but with lots of fun! There are three primary components which require constant attention and focus. There's never a dull moment and just when you think you've got the hang of it, something gets out of sync and makes it all completely unpredictable again.

Today's Comic Corner: 
When Tiger went in to wake up his oldest youngest brother, Pauge was delighted. In a few moments, though, Pauge was in a fit of tears. I went in to investigate and asked the Tiger if he knew what had happened. He said very matter-of-factly: "I didn't hit Paugie in the head." Hmmm.

Pauge was playing with some Uno cards, and I said, "Declan, those are Uno cards." He looked at me thoughtfully and then said, "Oh No! cards".

Notable Notes: 
Baby Lochlan rolled himself from front to back all by his onesies AND is sitting up on his hands, looking around when he's on his tummy! Go big man! He's still smiling... he rides in the backpack on our outings around town and charms everyone who glances our way. One of my "precious moments" from today was when Madigan snuggled up next to Lochlan, kissed him on his nose, then ran over to get a blanket for him. He covered him up gently and laid his face right next to Lochlan's, much to the littlest brother's delight and smiles! Oy, my heart melteth.

Madigan is a man of activity, as we all know and his latest and greatest is running around the kitchen island saying, "Mommy, I'm running fasto and fasto and fasto!" (Translation: faster and faster and faster!) He has become a master of excuses and last night it was cracking me up! As I was leaving their bedroom to bid them goodnight he blurted out: "I'm hungry. (pause) I'm thirsty. (pause) I'm hot. (pause) I'm cold. (pause) I need to go pee-pee. (pause) I need a tent." Alas, it was to no avail due to the cruelty of motherdom. He is ever the observant one, always lending a helping hand. He even designed his own coffee filter (see below), modeled after his daddy's (see below) and explained to Paugie during bathtime that it was a "slow stream coffee filter for Daddy". Where does he get this stuff?

When Declan isn't charming us all into oblivion with his toddler walk, curly locks and unforgettable smile, he can usually be found pining after steamed milk (I have become a regular barista in these parts) or putting on his dance moves to finest Celtic tunes Pandora has to offer. His favorite game is hide and seek where Mommy hides and Mommy seeks and he tries to dodge kisses. He pretty thoroughly melted my heart when I asked him what he wanted to sing last night as he went to bed and he said, "Away" (Away in a Manger).

And some great news on the Mommy front: I'm not pregnant. Yep, but that's not the news.... just wanted to clarify.  I found a local farm where I can get raw, organic milk! AND, it's only $5/gallon with a share in the herd. It tastes so incredibly delicious and I feel like I'm drinking liquid gold. :-) Hooray!

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Joshua said...

When I was growing up "oh no!" is what everyone shouted when one player said "uno!"