Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The fun around here

Favorite Tiger phrases from this week: 
"You're fine, boys." Trying to comfort his screaming little brothers, on our way home from the barn.
"You did a great job, Honey!" Complimenting me after we made cookies together.
"Mom, I went poop! And it's really big!" Announcement made as we exited restroom at Starbucks.
"I might do the yaundry while you are out." Informing me of his work plans while I was outside letting the dogs do their business.
"I would like baby walnuts. And maybe some raisins too." Response when I asked what he would like for a snack. I clarified: "Walnuts and raisins?" "No, BABY walnuts and raisins." Not sure what those are, but I guess I'm about to find out.
Other things too:
 And, what's with all the nakedness around here lately? Every time I go in to get the boys from their naps, I find beds stripped of their sheets and little boys with naked bums. They always look so proud of themselves and seem to expect the same reaction from me.

Between Madigan's curiosity for how anything mechanical works and Declan's fascination for all things electronic there is never a dull moment around here.

Sabina, the barn-dog-turned-house-dog and Declan, the mischievous brown bear, have found many excellent uses for the toilet bowl. It's great if you're thirsty or just plain bored!

Recipe for the week: Handfull of fall leaves, a dash of dirt and the dog water. Makes for a great after-naptime soup!

Baby Lochlan has mastered his smile and it's a winning one! I will try to capture it on photo soon! 

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kmac said...

love these boys SO much.