Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thoughts of a mother on this Wednesday...

  • Napping is from heaven. 
  • I'm totally on top of my game today... then they all three start screaming at once. My game suddenly looks more like puzzle pieces dumped out on the floor waiting to be placed in their correct positions. Tomorrow is another day. 
  • My hair can look good in another season of life, right? 
  • How is it possible to feel this much love someone so incredibly tiny? It's kind of overwhelming. 
  •  Dinner? How about cold cereal? 
  • They are brothers, but they are so different! We really are made uniquely and it's exquisite. 
  • I used to think keeping up with my animals was a challenge. 
  • Yes, the laundry is soured again. Deal with it. 
  • I don't think you can actually prepare for parenthood... you just do it and He gives you the strength you need to make it happen (though it doesn't always happen well, that's true). 
  • Celtic Music via Pandora: the recipe for happy dances in the living room today. Makes me smile. 
  • If I could, I would just sit and watch them all day long: Tiger sprinting hither and yon, embracing everything with enthusiasm and with his Hun-Hun in tow. Pauge toddling on two feet like a little drunk man, balancing himself carefully between each step... looking back with a proud smile to make sure I'm watching. Lochlan holding his head up (already!), hands folded on his tummy, his little blue eyes trying to follow the flurry of activity about him.
  • Dogs fed and pottied: check. Kids fed and diapers changed: check. Laundry out of washing machine and on clothes line to dry: check. Naps had by all who will have them (excluding Mommy): check. Kitchen cleaned: check. Plan for dinner: check. Cookies made (maybe not baked, but cookie dough is better anyway): check. Mission accomplished.


Unknown said...

you are amazing, Sis.


Unknown said...

I concur! Remember the days pre-kids? How bored we must have been!
Love ya,

denisemayen said...

Oh how I miss you, dear friend! :) Noting Tiff, how bored we must have been, indeed.