Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We make the zoo look clean

Though the title "Poop Happens" might be more appropriate for this blog entry, for the sake of decency, I chose a different one (you are welcome, Aunt O). After spending a lovely morning at the zoo this morning with my three incredible little men and two dear friends (Sophia and Melanie), we came home to prepare lunch and get our naps on. Then, I suddenly and not so enthusiastically realized that there was a full blown conspiracy in the works and I was the unlucky target (or so it seemed). All critters and small humans alike contributed to the effort and I spent a full 21 minutes picking up "crap" in places it was supposed to be and not supposed to be. The 3 small humans and the 3 canines in my charge created enough mass chaos (and nastiness) to make me frantic. As I began to feel I was finally making progress, Lochlan finished the group project with a thorough blow out. Wow. I really did start laughing at that point... it all seemed so surreal and absurd that there really wasn't much else I could do.

Now... I love them all again. :-)

In other news... we are filling our days with Christmas projects... they are slow going with these little helping hands so eager to learn and to participate in every step of the process, but they are coming along! We are making all of our gifts this year and Bundle and Pauge are putting so much heart into everything they are doing. It's inspiring to see! Pauge studies every move I make, watches how everything comes together and mimics every action/word carefully. Any offered assistance from Mommy is strictly forbidden! Bundle runs from project to project. He is such an action man and he will be the man to get it done, though sometimes he "fudges over" details to reach the goal more efficiently. He is happy to receive assistance, as long as it means the end goal will be reached sooner!

As I have observed them this week, something has stood out to me about each of them:
  • Bundle helped Grandpa build a gate for the steps leading from our deck to the carport. Grandpa placed the latch to the gate on the outside so that the boys would have more difficulty getting out. Madigan studied that latch yesterday as we were going up the stairs onto the deck and later that afternoon, successfully opened the gate from the inside. Unbelievable! I guess we'll have to padlock it! 
  • Pauge watches. He watches to see how something is done/said, then he tries it over and over with dogged determination until he feels he's mastered it. If he gets thwarted in his efforts or someone tries to redirect him to something else, he gets very resentful and frustrated and doesn't hesitate to express those feelings.
  • Lochlan the Lion is a lover! He is most content when he is surrounded by his people. When he's upset, he can be immediately calmed by a whisper into his ear from Mommy and being able to feel Mommy's face up against his own. He follows us around the room with his eyes, and if we leave the room, even for a moment he gets restless. He is quick to smile and he loves it when we say, "Beautiful boy, I love you!". 
Precious people! 

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Gary said...

Precious indeed, even in the aftermath of a poopy afternoon. And a rather amazing mom, to boot. Or to poop, perhaps. Or just pooped out. Hang in there. Love, dad