Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Tiger visits Gumpa and GumBum!

Tea in the mornings with Gumpa - you know, it's what real men do.

Playing with Gumpa's trucks from when he was a kid... totally awesome.

 Working on the "hitch". Daddy and Gumpa hitched up the trailer to the Jeep and took the Tiger for rides around the neighborhood. Tiger has not stopped talking about it!  Every time he sees a Jeep, he says, "Gumpa's Jeep!".

Going for walk/runs with GumBum! Good way to tire out two people with way too much energy!

Long chats with the "bebe" (Auntie Jessica's doll). Tiger cared for that baby with devotion and affection... so cute!

Swimming in the saline pool... one of the best parts of the whole trip!

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