Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh Ma Gosh

So much of life these days passes by in a blur - a frenzy of activity:
  • potty training 
  • disaster aversion (did I mention it's non-stop?)
  • friction management (sharing takes years to learn)
  • volume control (WIP - Work in Progress)
  • life skills training (teeth brushed: Check; hands washed: Check; shoes on: Check, etc.)
  • barn duty (yes, those four legged children still have to eat twice a day)
  • endless appetite of a hungry brown bear vs. appetite-free Tiger who has much more important things to be doing at ALL times
  • general life drama 
And amidst the wonderful haze of each day are tucked away those little nuggets that make you laugh, make you cry, make you so thankful for the life you have. A few I can recall (if barely) from this week:
  • Declan boldly crawling around at the splash park, playing in the fountains and giggling the whole time. Priceless! 
  • George's insomnia because he's so excited about the lab presentation his students are giving the following day - I LOVE watching him LOVE what he's doing! 
  • Sitting on the couch this morning talking to Krista McCaleb when Madigan wipes something onto my hand. I figure it's leftover pancake from breakfast. Then, swipe 2. I say, "Madigan is that a booger?" He says, "Noooope." Then, my "oh crud, we're in the middle of potty training" thought kicks in and I say, "Madigan, is that poopoo from your bum?" He confidently nods his head and says, "Uh Huh!". Krista laughed so hard she nearly choked on her tea... not exactly a typical day at the IBM office.   
  • Rendezvous to the zoo (for the first time) with Ankie Tae (Krista), where Madigan got to see Elephants! He's been studying elephants for the past 2 weeks, watching videos of them, gathering elephant food for his collection, imitating their sounds, etc. It was so awesome to see them up close! 
  • Declan periodically crawling over to the piano, reaching his little fingers up and playing a tune. He always looks around to see if we're watching and when we say, "Declan, that is just beautiful", his whole face breaks into a smile and he starts his happy wiggle dance. You haven't lived if you haven't seen the wiggle dance! It's infectious! 
  • Waking up with my favorite Scottie body snuggled as close to me as she can get. For someone who's "not allowed on the bed", she's awfully bold. 
  • Coming back from the barn on a Saturday morning, to find Daddy and Tiger sitting in a chair watching a video on how to hitch up a horse trailer and load a horse properly. The Tiger was mesmerized and Daddy was... totally thrilled, of course. 
  • Madigan's nickname for Declan: "Pauge". LOVE IT! 
  • Watching those little brothers love each other - I am so thankful for the relationship they have. It's inspiring! 


Gary said...

Ma gosh; Ma is deeply blessed!

Lisa said...

Ah, home sweet home. I was totally cracking up at this post! Well, most of it.

The "sitting on the couch" story...thanks for sharing. Really. Thanks.