Thursday, August 23, 2012

Short, but sweet (little boys)

I asked Madigan if he wanted me to turn some music on. He responded, "that would be nice." Sounded EXACTLY like George.

Another of his mimics that really gets me: "Deewicious!" I guess I say it a lot, because he uses the exact same tone of voice and facial expression when saying it. SO FUNNY!

I was reading to Declan when I put him down for his nap this afternoon and he turned around in my lap, grabbed my cheeks between his chubby little paws and pushed his face up against mine. He just sat there like that for several seconds and then turned back around to keep reading. What am I supposed to do with that besides melt into a puddle?

1 comment:

kmac said...

Such sweet hamburger cheeks and chubby loving bear.