Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another day

It's only 10:20am and I marvel that there can already be high-lights and low-lights in this day.
Picked up my milk stand so now we can milk like professionals (i.e. without having to sit on the ground)
My laundry is almost all washed/dried. Folding? See low-lights
10 dozen marvelous smiles received from Madigan - amazing how much energy those smiles give me
Cuddle time with Valiant this morning
"kisses" from Madigan when I picked him up from his crib this morning; he reaches for me to pick him up, then pulls my face to his and "eats my face". When I ask if those are kisses for mommy he gives me a big smile.

Cleaning spit-up out of my vehicle remote. Gross
The lovely warm and wet feeling of Madigan's diaper leaking all over both of us as we stood in line to check out at Home Depot (** A very wise woman once told me that I should always keep an extra shirt in my diaper bag for mommy as well as baby - thank you for that very sound advice!)
Foot long (almost) horse flies at the barn - Hideous
The mountain of laundry waiting to be folded - the never-ending war on laundry

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