Tuesday, July 20, 2010

They're here!!!

Virginia and I have been working arduously for the past two weeks to get our goat pen built for the little ladies. Some highlights of this ordeal?

Miserable heat = sweating bucket loads
Carrying logs up and down the hill to use in building up the perimeter
Nailing, nailing, nailing
Measuring, mis-measuring, re-measuring
Pounding posts
Hoisting plywood
Pulling weeds
Disturbing the ant colony (shudder)

Susan, Grace and George all pitched in for "Bundle Duty" and watched Madigan for several hours so that he wouldn't have to be out in the heat (Thank you so much to you all three!). We FINALLY finished the project and with the help of all the sisters, minus two (Kristin and Jessica), we got it painted this weekend. Ruthie and Sophie arrived "home" on Saturday. The milk is yummy and we've got milk customers lined up already! Yippee!

Here are some photos from this weekend. Notice Susan doing her "Sound of Music" rendition! Awesome. Fun times.


kmac said...

got milk?

Lisa said...

got cookies?