Monday, November 26, 2007

Looking forward

One thing I've noticed is that looking forward to things (events, activities, relationships, interactions with people/animals) keeps me motivated and gives me the ability to work through almost any amount of drudgery or difficulty. I seem to gauge time by events (happenings) rather than through any day by day calendar passing. I'm most easily discouraged when I don't have my eyes fixed ahead or outward (on other people).

Some things I'm looking forward to, right now:
  1. Tuesday - lunch with my co-worker (she's going to share her testimony with me!)
  2. Tuesday night - dinner with my sis - catch up time!!!
  3. Wednesday afternoon - lunch with my sis who is coming to get a tour of my office
  4. Wednesday night - George comes home from China!!!
  5. Thursday evening - making Christmas presents
  6. Friday - the last day of the work week and the start of the weekend
  7. Saturday morning - ride on my favorite horse
  8. Saturday night - who knows for sure, but I'm guessing something fun will happen!
  9. Sunday - George comes home from California
  10. Sunday - volleyball with a bunch of great friends
  11. Monday - the start of a week where all of us will all be in town!
  12. December (near the end) - Christmas!!! The parents and little sis are coming to Austin! Yippee!
  13. January something-a-rather - baby horse will arrive!
  14. ETC...
Life is most fulfilling when it is lived through interaction and in relationship to others, whether they are nearest and dearest or recent acquaintances. That's based on personal experience...


Shannon Z said...

OK, so I was pretty sure you married Kris. Who is George? And whaat's this about baby horse??? Our foster daughter is getting to take riding lessons and is also taking great joy in working at the stable. Fun and exciting times, Nadia will be starting piano soon... baby Deema just began sitting up on his own! Love you!

McBean said...

"George" is the better half of Kris! :-) I don't know, he just became George one day and the name stuck.

Fancy is having her first baby in about 2 months! Yikes... how is that possible? She was a baby horse herself just yesterday.

You need to send me photos, Shannon Z! I miss you all. Hugs and kisses to the fam.

Lisa said...

Haha! Ryan, Bethany, and I were just talking about "George" and Kris a couple days ago.

So, when do we get to see pictures of the little one Ryan and Bethany are adopting from Austin?