Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guilt free chai...

Today I went to Starbucks to get a hot tea, which somehow I feel I can justify since it's cheaper than any of the other extravagantly priced items on the menu, and it really is pretty OK health-wise. On my walk over, I realized that I had a $5 gift card from someone, which I still needed to use. My desire for a chai tea latte rapidly overcame any logical reason (i.e. one chai latte can be purchased for the price of 2.3 hot teas) and by the time I arrived at SB's, 2 minutes after leaving my office, I had emphatically decided upon a frothy, calorie-filled, warm, venti chai tea latte. Mmmm... And the best part is that I could justify it - GUILT FREE - because I wasn't going to have to pay the $4.23 for it!

However, when the "Fairista" (see Madison's blog) swiped my gift card and then told me it was expired, I no longer felt guilt free. Of course, I didn't change my mind about the venti chat tea latte... I just made the plunge, handed over my "other form of payment" and decided that this is one chai I'm going to really savor - guilt or no guilt!

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Sarahhh said...

mmmm. chai latte...

My roommate and I thoroughly enjoyed this entry (it's my first visit to your blog) and we thank you.

We live an hour and a mackinac bridge away from the nearest starbucks. Little sigh. Not that we really have the money for it either, though.