Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Favorite spice: cinnamon
favorite board game: Pictionary
favorite thing to bake: chocolate chip cookies
favorite place to walk/hike: Oak Creek Canyon
favorite movie: "Amazing Grace"
favorite discussion topic: human interaction (i.e. relationships)
favorite wild animal: bears (obviously)
favorite speed to drive: 4 miles over the speed limit
favorite birthday gift: Muffy
favorite state to live: Oregon
favorite song: "It is Well"
favorite age: 19

Least favorite spice: (flavor) Anise
Least favorite board game: Risk
Least favorite thing to bake: bread on a rainy day (because it always falls flat)
Least favorite place to walk/hike: Phoenix, Arizona - too hot and dry
Least favorite movie: Liar, Liar
Least favorite discussion topic: Systematic Theology
Least favorite wild animal: Hyena
Lease favorite speed to drive: unstable stop-and-go traffic speeds
Least favorite birthday gift: frumpy sweater which didn't fit
Least favorite state to live: New Mexico
Least favorite song: "I wanna talk about me"
Least favorite age: 17

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