Thursday, November 22, 2007

Curious George goes Abroad

It's true. And I miss him more than words can say. It has just dawned on me how pathetic I've become about being away from that boy. I guess I'm rather fond of him lately :-). It seems we've grown rather inseparable but I've only just become undeniably aware of it now that we're separated by so much distance. I suppose that's why they say distance can be good for a relationship? I don't know how much I agree with that statement. Isn't there something in the Bible that says husbands and wives should never be apart for longer than 12 hours at a time?

Well, this post isn't all about pitiful, pathetic, poor, pouty, pining me. :-) George is having a marvelous time with the Smiths and I think this trip was planned providentially. Thank you for your prayers for him, as he travels. We are both grateful. He will be blogging with stories and details of his trip when he gets back!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


pixelartist said...

The curious thing about separation is what occurs when spouses are separated from one another.

My husband and I call this phenomenon "The Rubber Band Effect". The farther you are separated from your spouse (by either time or distance), the stronger you snap back together!

I must note, though, that it only works if you keep the rubber band (i.e., your marriage) in good, flexible condition!

It shouldn't surprise me anymore, but it does - every time I experience the "Rubber Band Effect". So, keep flexible and enjoy the return snap!

McBean said...

I'm very excited about the return snap! Thanks for the phone call tonight. It's wonderful to have friends who know us well and look out for us when we need it.

Love you and miss you!!!