Monday, March 18, 2024

You just stand your ground

 I stood there waving my white flag. 

What a hellish week. 

We have made tremendous progress on so many fronts with Lochlan these past couple weeks - truly miraculous progress, and I rein in my hope so that my heart doesn't get broken into pieces. The hope stubbornly persists, though and it gives me wings to fly. 

Yet, the progress is always coupled with new and unique challenges that are both unforeseeable and impossible in their own way. One evening, as the sun was setting, I left the house at something close to a full gallop, I hiked my hill but could barely see through the tears. I pushed myself much harder than I had energy to push, because I wanted to and I needed to - I knelt down next to my tree and waved my white flag... 

I looked up and my teeny world was put into perspective for me in a very real way. I sat and absorbed as much as I could and I left with a smile in my heart. I knew there is one thing I must do: "You just stand your ground." Don't give way to the fear, discouragement, exasperation. Fight on! 


Anonymous said...

I believe your suffering and unfaltering trust in the God who allows it for reasons only He can know, will eventually (if not already) be the catalyst for a ministry of hope. Because there are so many others who suffer….carry on, dearest. There ARE reasons that reason cannot know.

Anonymous said...

Our great God gives you such beauty for the ashes of dashed hopes and dreams but has something so much more beautiful He is accomplishing in your world. He is your strong tower, your shield and buckler and the Almighty God who is using you to reveal Himself as incomprehensible love and fully aware of all your struggles and bringing you through them triumphantly in Him. Thank you for sharing your heart and your life. You are supported in prayer more than you know, dear one. 💞🙏