Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Creepy Midnight Kisser

 We like to make an impression wherever we go. We endeavor to never blend in, never be average or normal. So, when swim lessons began this week, we really outdid ourselves even without Lochlan's legendary assistance. Madigan arrived to the pool fully clad in his usual attire, aside from the swimming trunks/swim shirt cleverly hidden underneath it all. Khakis, t-shirt, (barn filthy) flannel shirt, dagger holstered to his belt and of course his ragged cowboy boots. When he emerged from the locker room with his swim gear, he was still wearing his cowboy boots (and socks) and his dagger. I giggled and sheepishly chided him. He was utterly unaware of his fashion statement and the charming affect it had on the group of elderly ladies in the water yoga class. 

Lochlan stirred at 2:00 this morning. Luckily I heard him. He crept to where I was lying still, probably still assuming I was asleep. He silently bent down, placed his lips firmly upon my chin and kissed me. He hasn't kissed anything or anyone since he was 14 months old! He whispered, "I love you." I grabbed his giggly self into my arms, and with tears pouring down my face squeezed him as hard as I could. My heart... 
We've had two school sessions at a coffee shop this week. Both times he has been agitated, but today he was much better than yesterday. We'll take improvement wherever we can! His latest fixation is on destroying things, or watching things fly: flying pencil to land upon fellow guest in the coffee shop, flying computer over the 3/4 wall in our house, flying potted plant, flying notebook, flying wooden bear figure, flying Legos (particularly inspiring if they're well built Lego creations made by his brothers), flying glass toothpaste container, etc. 

Kelton was helping me in the field tonight. We'd been picking up weeds, moving horse panels, unloading hay, and we were filthy. I looked up to find him staring at me. He said, "Mom, I love the way your face looks right now; it's how I remember you most clearly. You look happy and I love how you have taught me to work hard." My heart melted. I was happy. Hard work can be so rewarding, especially when I'm working alongside the people I love so dearly. 

Declan made the most delicious and satisfying dinner tonight. It was entirely his own creation! My favorite part was the sweet potatoes that he diced, and sauteed in honey and butter until they were browned slightly. He wanted to surprise me with dinner and he succeeded marvelously. I love his tender heart, the way he serves quietly, never seeking recognition. He sees people when they are hurting and he genuinely rejoices when others prosper. What the world could learn from this man! 

You'll be happy to know that Ankie Tae blends in as well as we do. 

And, in summary... I feel that Bumpy reflects a lot about the animals who own us. Stoic. Unflappable. Long-suffering. Hilarious. 

My sentiments exactly... 

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Gwendolyn1946 said...

How I thank heaven for your amazing sense of humor. It enables you to turn the stuff of nightmares into true life adventure in a Narnia cast world, characters always growing and becoming more than they could have apart from the absurd torques and traumas that almost continually assail you and yours. Well done , dearest❤️