Monday, May 09, 2022

poo in a bucket

Our septic is not working, so for the past 5 days we have been showering/bathing in a water bucket, going potty in a camping toilet (bucket), washing dishes rarely and by hand. Our kitchen sink hasn't been working either, so we haven't had hot water or the use of one side of the sink. When our little cherubs periodically forget to use only the one side of the sink, our kitchen mildly floods. :-) We are working our way to finding a solution for the septic issues, but these things are never uncomplicated, so we're not sure when we'll be counted among those blessed with flushing toilets. Here's to hope! I will say that peeing in the woods has taken on a whole new magic! And showering in a bucket is really not so bad; our trees are loving the results as we bestow upon them the leftover shower water. My frequency at Matador, our favorite coffee shop has not lessened, as it turns out... they have FLUSHING toilets! Woohoo! 

I have found that trying to organize areas of my house where I am able has helped me sort through the frustrations a bit better. So, I started with the spice cabinet, which is now alphabetically ordered and I love it! Makes cooking so much easier! 

We've also been spending a good deal of time exploring in alternative places. Our side of the mountain is still mostly shut down due the Tunnel Fire. The Tunnel Fire keeps lurking and hot spots keep popping up thanks to the insane winds we've been having. So, everyone is a little edgy, I think. The dreaded smoke and ash have been stirred up as the wind whips through our valley, so any who want to savor the outdoors are struggling. 

We hiked Fern Mountain and up to Bismarck Lake yesterday morning, and it was delightful. 

We also wandered around Pomeroy Tanks where we haven't been for over 2 years. 

And Madigan and I took a ride with Shelly, Joan and Roger for Shelly's last ride on the Arizona Trail before she moves to South Carolina. :-( 

This place holds a magic all it's own. One minute it feels like it's trying to kill you, and the next it mesmerizes you with it's beauty and tranquility. It is where I belong, even if it sometimes breaks my heart. 

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