Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Secret Giver(s)

Over the past several months some secret giver has sent me 7 gifts that reflect a deep understanding of me. Whoever you are, you have blessed me. The gifts always seem to arrive in Providential timing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💚 

This unexpected kindness has been a reflection to me of the great giver who gives beyond what we can imagine when we least expect it. I have found in some of the shadowed seasons in my life, rays of sunshine that surprise me with joy, and blind me to the present sorrow(s). They are unanticipated, unexpected, and hence more profoundly appreciated and understood. To you, dear neighbor, who gifted me with a new strap to replace the pieced together strap on my special purse - thank you. It meant so very much to me, was so unexpected and is so cherished.

To the other neighbor who has given so abundantly of herself, of her love, of her resources, to make our life richer, fuller and so much more than we could have imagined. Thank you for keeping our freezer full of goodies that make the challenging role of "mom" so much easier because a quick meal from the freezer is ready at hand. So many weary days have ended with a hot meal that I cannot take the credit for and I'm eternally grateful.

When I look back upon the pictures of the drought stricken forests of this beloved place just a month ago, I compare them to the green wonder, the vibrant wildflowers that cover the hills and see the trees with new green pine needles and branches that no longer sag. The forests have gained a second chance at life thanks to the unexpected rains. Another reminder... seeing my wilderness places so rejuvenated has given me abundant joy. It is another great unexpected gift. So, thank you to the givers, including the Great Giver! You know who you are... 

One Month Ago


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