Saturday, August 14, 2021

I blinked


I blinked today and yesteryear was gone. My babies are babies no more. They are still loud and funny, and filled with an abundance of energy, but they don't scream as much, they can go to the bathroom by themselves, they don't require absolutely constant supervision (okay, they MOSTLY don't require constant supervision), they can buckle themselves into the car and they can feed themselves using utensils (though they often don't, just on principle), they sleep the whole night through. They also don't need me to hold them close in a carrier on my hip the way I used to all day long. They don't follow me from room to room as I complete household tasks. They don't call out for me in the middle of the night just to be cuddled close, to hear my heart beat next to their cheek. They don't have soft, fluffy thighs, cheeks and tummies like they used to. They don't rely on me for their very sustenance as they once did. 

So, when they ask to snuggle, or to get a back scratch, or sit way too close on the couch just so we're touching, or sleep next to me in bed when Daddy is gone, or go on a date, or take a walk with me, or have a cup of tea so we can sit together in the middle of the afternoon, or ask me to go outside for a private conversation about the current issues of the heart, I savor these moments and grab them and hold onto them. After all, bathroom privacy is seriously overrated 

I blinked once and now I am decidedly older and they are inching ever closer to manhood. Oh the men that they are becoming! I. Love. Them. Inexplicably. They are my favorite people in all the world and they are beautifully, wonderfully unique.  

May we live this life well. And treasure every moment because we cannot help but to blink... 


Ginger said...

Precious blessings from God to enrich and enlarge our very existence and all those privileged to know them. Continue to savor each moment as it comes and add them to the treasure chest in your heart!

kmac said...

you are the most amazing mother.