Sunday, March 24, 2019

Documenting life

I've decided to start blogging about our daily adventures. I often post picture on social media, but I'm weaning myself off social media and I want to document these details of our life for the boys to reflect on and remember in years to come. The beautiful days and the memories are all too easily forgotten in the big picture of life, yet I believe treasuring them in our hearts will help us as we face the stuff of our futures. So, some of the coming posts will be about our more recent adventures. I will obviously not be able to capture all that has transpired, but hold onto at least a few of the documented (in photos) happenings.

Madigan, Declan and I are trying to train for an upcoming backpacking trip to Colorado, and we're dragging Gumpai along for the torture in hopes that he will also be joining us for the big hike. We don't feel that Lochlan and Kelton are quite ready for such an endeavor so, though they hike with us on all of our smaller hikes throughout the week, we are taking our weekends to do some of the longer/harder hikes. If M and D can successfully hike Mt. Humphreys before June, they will be ready for the big CO hike. :-)

Yesterday, we hit the trails in the woods behind our house. We went 8 miles with a 1300 foot elevation gain. We saw 25+ deer, lots of sign of elk, coyote and even some evidence of possible pot hunters (people who steal pottery pieces from Native American ruins). We want to explore the hills a bit more to see if we can find the ruins, as there are clearly pottery shards all about, giving evidence to it's existence.

We headed back at dusk, weary but everyone was in good spirits. These boys can hike! Sharing these experiences with each of them, watching them delight in the Creation brings me endless delight.


teona said...

Most excellent mama!

Jeanniebird said...

You are a most wonderful momma, writer and energetic person. God bless you Eryn as you continue the journey.