Monday, March 25, 2019

Cornbread is my favorite vegetable

A couple days ago, as we checked out at Trader Joes, it came up in Kelton's hearty conversation with the cashier that he had turned 5 years old the day before. The cashier, appropriately awed, said "Wow, you are so grown up already!" Kelton concurred and assured her, "Yeah, I'm basically a grown up man." 

"Mama, my favorite vegetable is definitely cornbread." "How come, Kelton?" "Because, it has corn in it and it doesn't have broccoli and that makes it a really good vegetable." You know, he has a point. 

"Mama, I want Lochlan to talk because I want him to tell me what he loves." Your sweet heart echoes the deepest longing in my own heart. 

"Mama! You need to get this shirt because it is so stylish! If you get it, you will be styling and I LOVE it when you are stylin'!" SOLD! 

When Aberfeldy (the new puppy - see upcoming blog post :-) returned from getting neutered, Kelton assured him that his cries of pain were in actuality his sorrow at the loss of never being able to have babies. 

As he cantered ahead of Gumbum on a trail in Sedona, he disappeared around the corner for a moment. He promptly returned with a look of grave concern and said he was afraid because he "saw a porkchop on the trail". Javelina (Peccary) "pigs" are prevalent in the area and they can definitely surprise you on the trails. 

This human fills me with wonder every day. Here's to year five of being totally heart Shmelting, ornery, tender hearted, precocious, independent, and mesmerizing. 


AZ Crazy Lady said...

Out of the mouths of babes... His comment about Feldy's surgery and the crying afterward was amazing. Your boys are far more intelligent and intuitive, than most that share the same age group.

teona said...

I love you Kelton, beyond words!!!💕

Lori said...

I'm hollering laughing, agreeing, and crying. Darned little men.