Friday, January 18, 2019

Merry Heart

The beauty in this life isn't ultimately found in the moments of perfection (wait... do those even exist?), the perfectly spelled out stories; it's found in the unremarkable happenings that make up the journey as we live it out. For the unremarkable makes the extraordinary ingredients of the whole story more obvious in our perspective and more intense in our hearts. Almost 1 year ago, the merriest heart came into my life and has filled it with unbelievable joy, even on the darkest/most miserable days. She spreads her merry heart over all of us.

THE hiking companion.

When she needs me to go faster on the trail, this is her solution. :-)

She's a famous helper with all chores.

THE riding buddy.

Mama dog Part II to the wabbit. 

Guardian of secrets for Lochlan.

Protector of the house. 

Comforter and nurse.

Complete Goof.

"You need something Mama?"

This is her coffee face; waiting for coffee at the drive-thru. 

"Ready to do the chores Mama?" 

"What blue paint???"

I am so thankful. 

1 comment:

btorgy said...

There is just something about Aussie's!!! They do indeed fill our lives with love and joy!!