Thursday, December 08, 2016


The very long, seemingly unending season - of waiting, worrying, struggling to make ends meet, wrestling as hope is deferred time and again - has taken it's toll on each of us.  And yet, I feel our family finding restoration, renewed strength, hope for whatever may lie ahead, as each day we are surrounded by the simple, yet profound beauty of this place, of this Creation. 

Can you spot our blissful Crazy White Dog?

Off to find internet access - in the woods - and the snow. Hey, a girl's gotta blog! :-) 

Daddy, making a science out of sledding. He's happened upon some excellent results! 

Two peas in a pod - or sled. 

Profound joy, even as they lost their sled 8 feet later. 

I am grateful for this season - for the lessons learned, for the man I am finding out I'm married to (!!! he's insanely cool!), for the joy I see on the faces of my boys, for the countless hours of adventuring in the woods/through the snow, for the parts of ourselves that each of us is discovering (re-discovering). 

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teona said...

Sweet Eryn, my heart is with you, and your love, and your 4 blessed offspring. Thank you for sharing your light😘