Friday, December 09, 2016

Charm Shield

I was considering the precocious youngest member of our family, when I glanced over to see him dunking my cell phone into a large cup of bulletproof coffee (coffee, coconut oil, butter and milk). As our eyes met, his sparkled with mischief and he was soon (unsuccessfully) aflight in another direction lest consequences ensnare him. 

I simply marvel that anyone can be so filled to the brim with charms which he successfully wields upon each of his (suspecting or unsuspecting) prey/family members. Simultaneously, he has to be consistently guided away from impish ideas/actions and encouraged to make wise decisions. He is a picture of life, happiness, determination, with the uncanny quality of giving delight to and arousing admiration in all of us. 

Perhaps a charm shield is needed to raise this young human wonder. Daddy seems to have been born with some innate charm shield already in place, but I am likely to have to grow/develop one, as I am very susceptible to his magic ways.  

So as I said goodbye to the advent chocolates which charm bucket raided in the quiet of his afternoon "nap", peeled Jevy's drowning sweater from his body after his baby bro had "helped" him get a hefty dousing from the water bottle, plucked my phone out of steaming coffee, and chased the small human into his bed for the 5th time tonight ("never mind consequences", says he to himself... "they're overrated"), I sigh. And smile. He eats my lunch, it's true, but don't judge unless you, my friend, have successfully navigated the gauntlet of charms.  

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