Thursday, September 03, 2015

Smug bug

I heard laughing in Jevy's room at 2:00 AM. Not an unusual occurrence... this boy laughs all the time and finds joy in so much of life. He quietly observes everything around him, often taking several minutes to fully absorb his surroundings (and assess the people who fill those surroundings). He then throws his whole heart into figuring out what activities are to be had, what experiments can be conducted, what resources are available for entertainment (chairs, counter tops, tables, pots/pans, telephones, water, to name a few). 

I sat down on the floor and he came casually strolling by, with that distinct swagger that is his alone. He paused, looked into my eyes, giggled and threw himself onto me. He wrapped his lanky arms around my neck and pressed his lips against my face in his "kiss". He has a crushing hug and when he wants to love on you, it is a fully body, whole heart experience. I savor every minute of it. 

As I was putting him to bed last night, and prepared to leave, he reached for me and said, "Uh, uh. No, no." I replied, "Uh, huh, yes, yes." He started to whine and I said, "Bug, I need to go make dinner for Daddy because he is hungry and hasn't eaten yet." Jevy gave me one last body hug extraordinaire and then happily let me go. Anything for Daddy, you know. 

I watch people encounter this quiet boy and readily misunderstand him - he has no personal need to win them over, earn their respect or be understood. He is wholly confident, curious, and constantly investigative. He is so extremely his father's son. Watching his life unfold is akin to watching a masterpiece take shape.  

He offers me some of my greatest challenges as I endeavor to communicate with him - luckily, I've been married to his dad for almost 15 years. 

He brings me rampant delight. He is a gentle giant of a lad with an inquisitive mind and a loyal, tender heart that loves severely. 

And he sleeps like a yoga master. :-) 

And he's super helpful - especially with the laundry... And the dishwasher... And the toilet cleaning... And the trash removal... 

And cleaning the light fixtures above the kitchen table. 

You, dear boy, are one in a million and you've stolen my heart completely. 

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