Saturday, September 12, 2015

Me, my selfie and I

As I resign myself to living in a "selfie" culture, I want to emphasize a few trifles before I officially rest my personal feelings on the matter. 

Enjoy your selfies while you're young (and I know you do - you all do), because once you're... 28ish years old like me, they are not as flattering (or enjoyable). 

Whoever decided that taking a self portrait up close, with the perceived notion that it would look good... I don't love my nose, so selfies don't make me feel empowered. 

Props help. But then, what wouldn't? 

Kiera Knightly, your pouty lips have inspired me!

Let me reassure you that my eyes are not that disproportionate with the rest of my face. 

So, here's to the next several hundred thousand selfies that I will see - and participate in.


Lisa said...

You. Are. Stunning.

LOL! Seriously, you're killin' me with the selfies.

**Extra points for confusing props and variety of strange lighting**

Sandra D said...

I'm with Lisa! That is hilarious. My favorite is the pouty-lip pose. I see it all the time with teenage girls. (Sandy)