Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ice Cream Sandwich therapy

My boys encountered me sneaking an ice cream sandwich this afternoon and volunteered to "help" me out with it. After giving them each a bite, Madigan stated: "Mama, I am such a good helper. Why don't I help you some more?" Ever vigilant in his care and concern. 

The sunshine came out today and opened our doors for some outdoor romping. The youngest member of this crew has been wrestling with a fever for three days, so we curtailed our adventures to the back porch, but there was much happiness. There were dump trucks buzzing at full speed, bicycles careening and little legs galloping. Though there is very little that causes me more fatigue than watching my boys fight sickness, there was so much delight in this day. That sweet little monkey wanted only to lay his head against my chest and cuddle all day long. Laundry has officially taken over our house, the floor has started growing hair thanks to the generous contributions of our crazy white dog, the fridge is hosting the good, bad and ugly by now, and be warned, lest you need to use our restroom. 

Boys are in bed, and I do believe there's another ice cream sandwich in there calling my name - only mine. :-) 

Beware the green monster. 

Sick and still smiling. 

Paugie's selfie. 

Morning mug, yoga style. 

The three four amigos.

Stuck. But still smiling. 

Jess printed my entire blog for me... 

I've been reading all day... such a gift. 

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