Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hoofing it through winter

On a rare warm day during winter, it is hard to keep this crew indoors. You're likely to find us gallivanting on the trails, throwing sticks in the pond, playing hide-and-seek in the trees and running as much as our legs will permit. Eventually, someone runs out of steam and we begin the formidable stroll to the truck (and, ultimately, home for naps). These treasured days renew our hope and relieve so much pent-up energy. 

The Highwayman

Solving the mysteries of the world.  

That Paugie Face

Such a face! 

Still deep in thought... 

I treasure these moments.

Just really handsome. 

Hide-and-Seek begins 

All purpose vehicle (or mom)

Hide-and-seek continues... 

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